Go Beyond

Go beyond

The job of an author is not done after a book is published and sold. This is where an author has to become creative on their approach towards a successful career. If you don’t have benefits through a publisher, you can go beyond.

  • Attend events as part of the public, as a professional, or as an exhibitor
  • Network with librarians to find out how to get your books in their libraries.
  • Network with school administrators to get book contracts to send books to their schools.
  • Seek out to local media to cover your story.
  • If you believe in selling your book rights, you can find someone to do that during book industry conferences.
  • Get book award recognitions to make your book stand out and so that you can promote yourself as an Award Winning Author.


If there is a lot of interest in your book, go beyond and consider:

  • translating the book
  • writing a sequel, or
  • writing and publishing a second book.


After your books provide more income, then you can consider finding a good publisher or an agent so they can handle your representation and all the work involved in the promotion, so that you can focus on writing!