Book Awards

Latino Book into Movies Promotion Sheet


Hosted by Kirk Whisler, Empowering Latino Futures Board Member and Co-founder of ISLA.


This webinars’ focus was for everyone to know a little more about the creation of Promotion pieces for marketing their books. In this case, it was specific to the winners of Latino Book into Movie Awards and targeting those in the entertainment industry, but the information provided on the promotion sheets apply to all kinds of books. Promotion pieces are great tools to get the information of your book out there. It takes work, but don’t get discouraged because it’ll pay off.

14 Ways to create a winning promo sheet


Once we have all the books and promo sheets we will start delivering them to key people within TV networks and studios. We will typically deliver the packages to Presidents and Senior VPs within their operations. This distribution will occur over the next few months. From there the books typically will go to different departments within their operations. We have no control or input from that step on. These entities have staffs that will review possible items…Continue reading